Cannabis has been used to help ease some of the symptoms of cancer for many years. Cannabis-based medicine and CBD oil is used to alleviate chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting, cancer-related weight loss and anorexia, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and fatigue. But until recently it was thought that while cannabis was effective at treating some of the symptoms of cancer, it couldn’t cure cancer itself.

Cannabis and CBD hemp oil have been used for medical purposes, including treating the symptoms of cancer, for thousands of years. The active ingredients in cannabis have the ability to calm you, increase your appetite, and improve your mood and feeling of well-being. These are all tailor-made attributes when used to treat the many symptoms that accompany some forms of cancer.

Recently, with the legalization of cannabis in several areas of the world, doctors have been presecribing cannabis for their patients’ cancer symptoms. Cannabis can be less dangerous than pharmaceuticals and more effective than over-the-counter medicines at relieving some of the more serious symptoms that often accompany cancer.

Doctors in past years relied on opioids to relieve the pain and symptoms for their cancer patients. But with advances in medical science and more cancer patients recovering to live a full life, being addicted to opioids as a trade-off to being pain-free is no longer acceptable to many doctors or patients.

Renewed Interest in Researching the Benefits of Cannabis

The many types of relief that cannabis provides to cancer patients has caused researchers to look a little closer and run more studies and trials to obtain quantifiable detailed results of the benefits of cannabis.

One study exposed certain types of cancer to the active ingredients in cannabis and CBD oil. The encouraging results showed that cannabinoids in CBD oil might slow the growth of certain tumors or cause certain types of cancer cells to die. These results have encouraged further studies.

Another trial dealt with the subject of the effect of CBD oil on cancer-related neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the peripheral nervous system. One of the causes can be a cancerous tumor. The tumor can put pressure on or disrupt the nerves in the area the tumor is located and cause numbness or tingling in areas of the body. Patients have shown reduced neuropathy when treated with cannabis prior to treatment with oxaliplatin. This positive result has encouraged further studies.