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In ancient times, cannabis was seen as a cure-all. It was prescribed by doctors and healers of the day as a treatment for all types of illnesses and chronic conditions. The calming effect and feeling of well-being that’s a hallmark of cannabis was seen as having a universally positive effect on patients.


Today, cannabis is the subject of much interest and many studies and trials in the medical community. In 1988, medical researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the human body. This system consists of neurotransmitters throughout the body that are connected to our brain, fat, muscles and gastrointestinal system. These neurotransmitters relay information to many areas of the body.


The discovery of the ECS is what has led to the resurgence of studies on the medical benefits of cannabis. Researchers now have an explanation for the rapid diffusion of pain relievers in the body.


The legalization of medical cannabis use in many countries means that cannabis development and cultivation is more exacting than ever before. The industry is working hard to standardize strains and gain consistency in dosages while educating the public about the benefits of cannabis for pain relief. KANA Wellness Clinic currently operates in Bangkok.

For years, people undergoing chemotherapy have relied on the medical properties of cannabis to settle their stomachs and make their treatments more tolerable.
Neurological conditions including seizures, tremors and spasms can respond well to the calming effects of cannabis. Strains high in CBD are often prescribed to epilepsy patients.
Depression and anxiety are two of the most common psychiatric conditions. These conditions can respond positively to the right strains and dosages of cannabis.
Cannabis has been known as an effective treatment of pain for thousands of years. Today, we’re able to cultivate strains of cannabis to provide exacting amounts of pain relief when needed.