Buy Exotic Strains of Organic Weed at KANA PURE


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KANA PURE is proud to announce that we’re on track to become the largest growing chain of dispensaries in Thailand,
We sell only high-quality, exotic strains of Indica, Sativa and hybrid weed at our new stylish dispensaries featuring decor in shades of white, cream and gold wooden accents.

Our outlets are staffed by professional, knowledgable and friendly staff members who know the characteristics of all our carefully cultivated strains.
They can make recommendations based on your description of the type and quality of experience you’re looking for.

We also carry many accessories. We offer an assortment of pipes and bongs, as well as rolling papers and screens.

Our products are researched, developed and cultivated by our partner organisation under highly controlled conditions at the Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna (RMUTL). These conditions produce superior quality products, including cannabis flowers, oil, and capsules that are certified by Central Lab standards. Our products have also been developed in collaboration with the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine.

The products are grown using a closed system of cultivation that allows the growers to completely control the amount of light, nutrients, and water the plants receive. The system also can regulate the amount of carbon dioxide necessary for photosynthesis the plants receive. This ensures that all our products are consistent in quality and the experience they deliver.

Working Together

Both KANA PURE and KANA Wellness Clinic source our products through our partner RMUTL. This arrangement provides our outlets with consistency and quality. Consistency is vital to people who depend on specific dosages to relieve their pain and symptoms. They can be assured of finding the same strength products at the dispensaries of KANA PURE and the KANA Wellness Clinic.

This is also the reason for the highly controlled cultivation system used by RMUTL. By providing consistency and quality in our products, we instill a sense of well-earned trust in our growing community of clients.